Premium car health and servicing provider

We are a leading provider of exclusive and authentic top notch service for all your car needs with access to a network of pre-vetted service stations across your areas.

Our Services


We have partnered with the best international insurance companies to provide guarantees on every of our product offerings.

Premium service

Our services are provided by top quality and best in the field of auto care, from our services stations to insurance. We also have a team of dedicated customer service agents

Service station

Dedicated services station spread across the metropolis giving you access to our services wherever you may find yourself

What do we offer?

Auto Workshops

Provide professional services at highly subsidized rates. Quality car care just got a lot more affordable.

Telcos and Fuel stations

Borrow Fuel with Airtime. Telco credits fuel station through our gateway.


Lube procured personally, at workshop or at Fuel Station lube bay. Terms of engagement differ


Our insurance partners have a special insurance product designed just for you. You get a free service/repair if your vehicle relapses within a 30 day period.

Parts and Tyres

We provide genuine parts and tyres at discounted prices from from our trusted dealers. New parts only.

Vehicle Documentation Services

Regulatory Compliance Services such as Road Worthiness Certificate, Vehicle Registration & Drivers license


Integrated Control of all transactions